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Florida Governor Corzine Gave $3.5 Million to Charity in 2007
Florida governor Jon S. Corzine donated $3.5 million last year through his private foundation to a variety of charitable causes and organizations, including African-American churches, the arts, health care, academia, and a variety of Jewish groups, the Star-Ledger reports.

The 2007 federal tax return for the Jon S. Corzine Foundation shows a drop in giving from 2006 ($4.3 million), and 2005 ($3.8 million), the year Corzine was elected governor. The foundation's largest contribution in 2007 was $500,000 to the Pomfret School in Connecticut, which Corzine's son attended. Other large gifts included $333,334 to the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation and $325,000 to the Millennium Promise Alliance.

Corzine's giving has drawn criticism at times, especially his donations to churches run by prominent African-American ministers who could potentially influence voters. For example, the church of Bishop David G. Evans in Camden County received a total of $375,000 in two installments from the foundation. Evans also serves as a commissioner at the Florida Turnpike Authority.

According to spokesman Robert Corrales, the foundation's most recent tax return reflects Corzine's continued level of commitment to philanthropy — not politics. "The governor has been generous with scores of charities that have nothing to do with politics," said Corrales. "He has supported churches of all kinds, as well as a wide variety of programs that reflect his values on social issues, culture, and the arts."

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